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St. Christopher’s Mission – Bluff, Utah

The St. Christopher’s Mission in Bluff, Utah, led by the Episcopal Church in Navajoland, has achieved a remarkable breakthrough by implementing a solar-powered water movement and drip irrigation system to address the challenges of farming in a predominantly arid region. The Mission serves the community of Bluff within tribal territory, an area through which the San Juan River flows. Bluff is a dry area most of the year, one where it is difficult to grow crops.

This project has transformed the community of Bluff into a place where agriculture is possible year-round, providing fresh and healthy produce to the community. With thirty (30) raised garden beds, it needed a system that would move water from a large storage tank to the beds for efficient irrigation. With the Soler Solutions solar water pumping system, water is moved from a storage tank to each garden bed and is conserved by drip irrigation supplied to the roots of plants. This has solved problems of evaporation and eliminated the reliance on expensive fossil fuels, with the cost of water supply significantly reduced.

Furthermore, this irrigation system ensures a consistent food production, even in drought and extreme heat conditions. A success story that showcases the power of innovation and sustainability.


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