Introducing the world’s first out-of-the-box, plug and play, solar powered water pump

Introducing Soler Solutions

Utilising nature’s energy to provide sustainable water solutions.

3 out of 4 consumers want to do more to reach their sustainability goals at home, including reducing water
and energy consumption, recycling products, and generating renewable energy.

We’ve designed a solar-powered water movement system that’s unique to the agriculture and horticulture market.

Efficient and sustainable water irrigation

For Cincinnati Nature Center, water irrigation from spring to fall requires electric grid connections and county water pumped through extended lines – beyond the non-profit’s budget.

Our donation of the solar water pump system has provided both a zero-carbon solution and permanently freed the Center from ongoing, increasing electric grid and water supply costs. 

Water Crisis

33% of the U.S. and
Puerto Rico and 40%
of the lower 48 states
are in drought

At Soler Solutions, we plan to address this
by utilising nature’s energy to provide
sustainable means of water distribution.


of the 2,500 trillion liters of water used in agriculture is wasted each year


of American adults are growing or planning to grow edible plants


of American growers are looking to become more sustainable

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Success story

It is a goal of the Cincinnati Nature Center to operate in as sustainable manner as possible.

“The solar powered system allows us to utilize the water resources we have on site to fulfill a critical aspect of this goal. As we continue to expand and develop the nursery our water needs will increase and with this system, we will be able to do so effectively and efficiently, all while lowering production costs.”

Native Plant Manager – Jake Sberna

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Utilizing nature’s energy to provide sustainable means of water movement.

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