Save water costs with
our plug-and-play
solar powered
water pump

Gain efficient watering, save time and vital costs by utilizing our solar powered water pump system, with key benefits such as:

  • Zero electricity required
  • Low maintenance due to no moving parts
  • No pollution or noise
  • Easy to move around or secure to the ground
  • Flat packing for space saving

Product spec:

  • 540w solar panel
  • 500w water pump – with 140ft reach
  • 18 gallons pm over flat ground


St. Christopher’s Mission

The St. Christopher’s Mission in Bluff, Utah has achieved a remarkable breakthrough by implementing a solar-powered water movement and drip irrigation system to address the challenges of farming in a predominantly arid region.

Cincinnati nature center - case study for solar powered water pump

Cincinnati Nature Center

A solar water pumping system. This idea became the solution to the Cincinnati Nature Center’s dream of efficient, sustainable irrigation at its Long Branch Farm, a well-known Ohio nursery for native plants.

Sustainable water movement for a range of industry sectors

Our innovative solar powered water pump system is available for a range of industries; bringing efficient watering for large garden centres, to your back yard hobbies. Our water pump systems are even able to bring sustainable water movement to agricultural farmers, enabling crop and cattle watering with ease. Discover how we can support your industry below.


Horticulture industry


Agriculture industry


Retail Industry

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