Mission, Vision + Values


Our mission is simple To allow everybody from horticulturists to farmers to move water using a solar powered system without the need for ongoing fossil fuel costs, minimizing the impact on the environment. Be part of the solution The Soler Solution!


Why we exist:

Ultimately to provide solar energy sources that are controlled by communities in developing nations to future-proof their yield and provide support during the ongoing US water crisis.

What we do:

Our solar powered system is an out-of-the-box, plug and play water movement system. It is designed for those with a water source to reach crops and plants, feed livestock, or simply remove standing water.

Soler Solutions - Join the movement towards sustainable living during the water crisis - solar powered water pump


of the 2,500 trillion liters of water used in agriculture is wasted each year


of American adults are growing or planning to grow edible plants


of American growers are looking to become more sustainable

Environmentally sustainable and socially responsible

Socially, our core mission is to improve water access for subsistence farmers in the developing world, addressing poverty, health, and quality of life.

Our donation of the solar-powered water pump system to The St. Christopher’s Mission in Bluff, Utah, has enabled the Navajoland community to thrive once again, ensuring a consistent food production, even in drought and extreme heat conditions.

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Utilizing nature’s energy to provide sustainable means of water movement.

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