Soler Solutions at WaterVent 2023 – Our thoughts

Oct 13, 2023 | Latest News

Soler Solutions presented its out-of-the-box water pump system at WaterVent on October 10 – the world’s premier gathering about new water products and services.

Participants expressed great interest in the transformative use of solar power for water movement to garden plots, crop fields, livestock watering, and other purposes.

As a result of WaterVent connections, Soler Solutions will spread the word about how solar energy can replace fossil-fuel-based and water-inefficient methods of water use in agriculture, horticulture, and livestock care. WaterVent participants, such as water works and other government officials (including USEPA, state, and local officials), are focused on solutions that address climate change, water efficiency, and water quality. Soler Solutions’ system was one of two demonstrated new products that use solar energy to replace carbon-burning energy sources.

In the presentation to WaterVent, Soler Solutions showed how climate change, drought, rising temperatures, disruption to food supply chains, hunger, and farm poverty in Latin America, Africa, and Asia combine to embrace the solar water pump system.

“In a time of water crisis and economic uncertainty, providing sustainable means of water distribution is critical. 63% of the U.S. and Puerto Rico and 28.23% of the lower 48 states are in drought!”

WaterVent is posting Soler Solutions’ system on its website that promotes worthy water solutions. Global Water Works will include Soler Solutions’ system at its showcase of innovative watertech solutions –  WATERTECH SHOWCASE | Global Water Works.

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