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Cincinnati Nature Center

A solar water pumping system: this idea became the solution to the Cincinnati Nature Center’s dream of efficient, sustainable irrigation at its Long Branch Farm, a well-known Ohio nursery for native plants. Irrigation from spring to fall required electric grid connections to the field and county water pumped through extended lines. The farm had a nearby ancient cattle pond across a road, but the expense of getting water from there to the plant beds and covered nursery was beyond the non-profit’s budget.

Soler Solutions Ltd. created and donated a totally solar-powered system to move water from the pond across a road to the field. Drip irrigation for lines of new plantings and elevated spray for grown specimens became possible with no ongoing energy or water cost. This achieved both a zero-carbon solution for the native-plant nursery and permanently freed the Center from ongoing, increasing electric grid and county water supply costs. Based on tests performed in partnership with the Center, Soler Solutions Ltd. designed and perfected a first-of-its-kind solar water movement system, which can be easily assembled upon delivery and put to immediate use. One of the first mass-produced products will be installed at the Center in summer 2023 to replace the successful prototype.


Native Plant Manager Jake Sberna enthused:

“It is a goal of the Cincinnati Nature Center native plant nursery to operate in as sustainable manner as possible from using and reusing recycled pots to using bulk soil for our potting mix instead of plastic bagged mixes. The solar powered system allows us to utilize the water resources we have on site to fulfill a critical aspect of this goal. As we continue to expand and develop the nursery our water needs will increase and with this system, we will be able to do so effectively and efficiently, all while lowering production costs.”


Cincinnati nature center - case study for solar powered water pump

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